Who We Are?

Our emergence as a leading domestic packaged drinking water and soft drinks manufacturer and supplier. MRT Beverages owned and managed by young and dynamic entrepreneurs. In less than two years, our company has grown from strength to strengths. MRT Beverages is a well known manufacturer of Packaged Drinking water and soft drinks in the local market at present, it has carefully planned the accessibility to ensure that specialty care is available at the nearest, when clients need at the earliest. The purpose is to provide superior Packaged Drinking water quality to more people and in many regions.

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Our Products

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Bottled Water

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Drinking Soda Water

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Drinking Soft Drinks

The business is growing at a rate of 50% annually.

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With a vision of being the market leader, MRT Beverages concentrates on Sales & Distribution Management, Brand Building, Market Dynamics and Consumer Knowledge and considers these the pillars of its future growth.


Humility, Reliability and Trustworthiness have always been the driving factors behind the growth of MRT Beverages. But evolving at MRT Beverages is not just about being a market leader.

Research & Development

The success of the company all these years has been marked by constant Research & Development and adherence to the stringent quality requirements of the Indian Standards.